Alma Hall 
It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Sehah Cohen as a presenter.  Not only is Selah a true professional, she is a fun, creative, and a dynamic speaker. Whether you are in need of a keynote speaker, or a workshop leader,  she is the perfect choice for a memorable and outstanding event. I have also seen the original musical about Queen Esther, which she wrote and directed. Thw producction had me on my feet, clapping and saying one word: BRAVO! Simply, BRAVO!


Vanessa K.
Principal Actress, Dancer, and Singer
It's not often that I've been able to work with someone who has the ability to share their creativity in such a way that it not only enhances, but restores those around them, but Selah Cohen is someone who does. Under her direction, an incredible script was transformed into a life-changing and powerfully impactful production that transported every person watching into another time. Her writing has the ability to touch the deepest parts of your heart and mind. Selah is able to relate to so many people because of her personal and professional experiences, yet has such humility and sensitivity because she's in a constant state of learning and growing personally, spiritually and professionally. She has the remarkable ability to tap into the gifts and talents of whoever she's working with and open up hidden reservoirs of creativity that may have been lying dormant, all while providing a safe environment to do so. The excellence in which she accomplishes her goals and tasks is remarkable and noteworthy, but more than that it's a very rare and cherished ability that is lacking and very necessary today. To say that I would jump at the chance to work with her is an understatement; it would be a complete honor to be under her guidance and direction again.
Rev. Dana Bryan
Senior Pastor
I have known Selah Cohen for well over a decade and worked with her for several years. She worked closely with me in large productions, church services and outreach events. Selah always conducted herself with grace, poise and professionalism. She is well organized and administrated all the projects I gave her in a timely and professional manner. I found her to be creative and willing to tackle large projects. Her appropriately assertive personality got the job done with grace and results.
Ministry Leader
Infuse 2010: A Creativity Encounter Attendee
The praise times were great! So were the workshops; they were nicely varied and the topics were extraordinarily free. And it was wonderful to get to know so many creatives, who both believe in God with our whole hearts and embrace creativity on every level, including challenging the status quo.
Scott Herbst
Production Manager
We were very pleased with Selah's exceptional work during the tour. She performed her duties well beyond expectations. She made sure all of her work was very organized, documented, and well thought out. Her department as a result, was never an issue of concern during the course of the tour.
Robbie Repola
Past CEO, IMS Productions
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Selah for nearly 5 years during which time her dedication, hard working attitude, easy going disposition, and absolute integrity have consistently impressed me. She is a pleasure to work with, has a wide range of skills and has always over-delivered on any given assignment. Personable and wise, assiduous and enthusiastic, she makes every collaboration a joy. I look forward to any opportunity to work with her. Selah's work with us ranges from creative collaboration on projects to providing makeup and wardrobe on a film production set, to providing Spanish translation and voice over. She is undeterred by little things like projects that are outside of her experience.
Director of Events
Co-Founder of International Ministry
Selah is not an ordinary decorator. She is dedicated, a hard-working designer who can turn any budget into a great new look. Her professional advice and excellent design skills helped us create exactly what we were looking for during our celebrations. I recommend her services to anyone needing decorating assistance for any venue, event, or reason. She is a perfectionist – persistent to the point of making everything right and being displayed in exceptional excellence.
Joseph Ribiero
Actor, Director, and Educator
A great all-arounder in the theater.